New E Book. Eat Your Greens.

3 common mistakes parents make feeding vegetables to their kids.


If you want to make dinner a stress-free zone for your family rather than a battleground, then read on.

If you want to eat well without investing in expensive superfoods or eliminating whole food groups, keep reading.

If you’re interested in booking a workshop for parents or children at your school, get in touch

You might be concerned about seeing a nutritionist. Worried that you’ll feel guilty about what you feed your child, be subjected to a strict, miserable diet, or scolded for not achieving your goals.

This is not how I work. I appreciate that life gets in the way of the best laid plans, and that for a change to be long lasting, it must be do-able, rewarding, and supported all the way.

Do you want to work with someone who will make change smoother and easier? Who will support you every step of the way, whether it’s in making adjustments to improve your child’s eating habits, or in setting achievable goals for weight loss?

As a wellness coach as well as a nutritionist, I make sustainable change within your reach.


Why choose Jenny Boss Nutrition?

  • What I know

    I have a Master's Degree in Nutrition from Deakin University, Melbourne and have taken additional training in children’s feeding issues and nutrition.
    After a long career as a health journalist, I now present workshops in schools, and work in private practice.

  • Fad-free zone

    You’re confused. Understandably. You’re sick of reading about the latest fad diets and hearing conflicting advice from foodie celebrities, TV nutritionists, and specialists in every field but nutrition.
    Me too. That’s why I won’t ask you to eliminate your favourite foods or food groups, or endlessly count calories.

  • Wellness coaching

    Knowing what to do is only a tiny part of making significant change. Taking the small steps to make a meaningful difference to your life are the foundations for lasting change.
    As a wellness coach I’ve been trained to guide you in making your own goals, and build on these to reclaim your energy and zest for life.


What People are Saying

I highly recommend Jenny Boss. She has spoken at our school a number of times, and her wisdom in the field of nutrition makes her a wonderful asset to any organisation!

Manuela de Almeida

Christ the King School, Bass Hill

Jenny gave me invaluable tools to keep me enjoying a full, healthy life. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Nicola Giambuzzi

Phillip Bay, NSW

Jenny is an outstanding mentor and nutritionist. After a lifelong battle of disordered eating , back to back diets...

Maria Barnett

St Leonards, NSW

Jenny Boss met with each of my 3 children: my daughters aged 17 and 11, and son age 15, for nutrition advice...

Claire Keating

Coogee, NSW

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