Fussy to Fearless Eating program

Every child has their own unique personality and sometimes we need a little extra help on the road to establishing healthy eating patterns. 

This program offers one-on-one guidance, working with you the parents to identify and troubleshoot underlying problems. It provides a customised action plan to resolve your child’s feeding issues and cement their new healthy eating patterns.

“I now feel the stress at meal times has disappeared.”

Jean, Randwick North

The Fussy to Fearless healthy eating program includes:

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    Nutritional Development and Problem Identification Consultation - 30 min*
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    Food Diary Analysis
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    Feeding Strategies and Solutions Consultation - 30 min*
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    Child Eating Trials
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    Nutritional and Feeding Troubleshooting Consultation - 30 min*
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    Report - Personalised plan for your child’s ongoing nutrition

Here’s to happy mealtimes.

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