Boy-eating-watermelon-compressorChildren’s nutrition and feeding

Most parents have a good idea of what they should feed their children. The problem is that our children aren’t always keen to eat what we give them. And this can lead us to worry.

We worry that our children eat too little, too much, or not enough variety. We compare ourselves to other parents, and our children to other children. All this leads to yet more stress in an already busy life.

There’s an art to feeding your children that goes beyond providing good food and then bribing, rewarding, and threatening in order to get it eaten.

If you’re looking for help with:

  • Finicky, fussy eating
  • A child who eats too little, or too much
  • Planning nutritious meals and snacks for your children
  • Nutrition for your child’s age and stage

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Kids-eating-red-uniformSchool and parent workshops

Would you like your children to learn about food and nutrition in a fun, engaging environment? One that doesn’t divide food into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ camps? I offer a number of different workshops for primary school children, with corresponding workshops for parents.

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Wellness without willpower

Sick of going on diet after diet, losing the weight, only to find it slowly creep back on again? Most weight loss plans rely on willpower – which is exactly why most don’t work in the long term. But few of us have enough willpower to resist tempting foods when they are so readily available. And studies show that we actually run out of willpower – it’s a bit like a muscle, in that it eventually tires.

Which is why my approach doesn’t ask you to constantly resist temptation.

What I do ask, and support you in, is creating an eating plan you can stick to that is delicious, nourishing, leaves you feeling satisfied, and doesn’t eliminate treats, but instead recognises them as such.

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Hands-cups compressorWellness coaching

We may know what we want, but getting there is a different story. That’s where wellness coaching comes in. As a wellness coach I don’t tell you what to do, but support you in making the best decisions to get you from where you are now, to where you want to be, whether that’s a slimmer, healthier, or a less stressed version of yourself.

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door-knockerHome consultations

If you live within a 20-minute drive of Zetland NSW, I’m happy to visit you at home for no extra cost. This works well if you are pushed for time, or have young children at home, but also if you want to discuss what’s in your pantry, what changes you can make, and what your set up is for feeding the family.


skypeSkype consultations

If you’d prefer, you can consult with me via Skype at a time that suits.