My main concern before meeting Jenny was providing the best nutrition for my family, particularly for me and my three children. Although we were eating well, I’d lost my way a little with the pressures of life and felt I needed to make some changes.

Jenny’s suggestions have certainly helped the children with their nutrition, and I’ve now cleaned out the fridge and freezer ready to implement her advice.

Eating for better health has worked for me, and I’m learning each day how to provide better nutrition for optimal mental and physical health. I would be very happy to recommend Jenny.

Michelle Glekis Botany, NSW
What a fantastic, informative, beneficial talk the Lunchbox Workshop was! Jenny proceeded to inform us about not only what nutrients our children need but how much they need daily and where we can find them in our foods.

In a gentle, calm and humorous manner Jenny had the parents absorbed in all she said, answering questions at the end. I highly recommend Jenny Boss. She has spoken at our school a couple of times before, and her expertise and wisdom in the field of nutrition makes her a wonderful asset to any organisation!
Manuela de Almeida Family Educator, Christ the King Primary School, Bass Hill

I have just finished three consultations with Jenny via Skype.  Being a working mum it was so convenient to be able to chat with Jenny over a cuppa from the comfort of my own home.
Jenny really listened to me and my needs, and together we were able to look at an eating and exercise plan that suits my busy lifestyle.  An easy one that I could manage and commit to.  I made some small changes, but I must say I’m sleeping better and feel I have more energy.
I felt completely comfortable with Jenny and loved being able to draw on her wisdom. I would highly recommend her!

Narelle Mackander

Life before Jenny was a lot of yo-yo dieting. You name it I’ve tried it. I had a very ‘all or nothing’ approach to food/life balance.
The biggest difference since seeing Jenny is I give myself “permission” to have whatever I want. Permission has liberated me from a negative relationship to food, alcohol and exercise.
Eating well is more social for our family now, rather than one meal for the family and another for me. With an ample range of nutritious, filling recipes, I can easily make something the whole family can enjoy.
Rather than focusing on what is off limits or no-go, I find myself looking at all that is available and making healthy choices simply because I am not craving the things I can’t have. There is no missing out!
Jenny has shown me how to set goals. This seemed difficult at first but has become easier with practice. For instance, not waiting until I am starving to eat; talking through my feelings rather than turning to wine and snacks; walking the dog 3 times a week; going to the gym 3 times a week; spending 10 minutes a day meditating; Sunday family fun day. All these little steps help me see what it doable and then adjustable. Goal setting is flexible. Being accountable is satisfying.
Finally, Jenny is such a caring mentor. She really listens and has given me some invaluable tools and techniques to keep me enjoying a full, healthy life. I cannot recommend Jenny Boss highly enough. Thank you Jenny. You have made a lasting difference in my life.

Nicola Giambuzzi Phillip Bay, NSW

Unable to exercise due to persistent back problems, I was concerned that I would put on further weight during my recovery.
I considered seeing a personal trainer, but because my back problems were only getting worse, decided to consult a nutritionist to learn better ways to eat for me and my family.
After consulting with Jenny, I am more confident in making healthy food choices. I’m no longer reluctant to make salads, and understand the importance of variety in my diet. I’ve also gained some valuable tips for feeding my children.
I’d be happy to recommend Jenny to family and friends looking for advice on healthy eating and lifestyle.

Kathryn Dunn Eastgardens, NSW

Jenny Boss met with each of my 3 children: my daughters aged 17 and 11, and son age 15, for nutrition advice. All of them engaged with Jenny and were happy to act on the weekly and three-monthly goals we set – there were some observable, positive behaviour changes as a result of these interactions. Almond consumption has shot up and they all seem more aware of the need to eat a variety of foods.
We organised a 2-hour cooking lesson with Jenny, during which each of them was involved in the preparation of a beef, spinach and ricotta lasagne, fresh spring rolls, and a crunchy noodle and vegetable salad. They enjoyed the eating as much as the preparation!

Claire Keating Coogee, NSW

I was very impressed with Jenny’s practical tips on how to attain my ideal weight without making radical changes to my diet or depriving myself of the occasional treat. After identifying some of the poor eating habits I’ve developed over the past few years, Jenny and I have worked out a plan to help me to lose a few kilos over the next few months so that I will be in good shape to run my first marathon later this year. With my new found knowledge and the simple plan that we came up with, I’ve already made good progress towards my goal. I really liked Jenny’s non judgemental and pragmatic approach, and would be happy to recommend her to anyone.

Brendan Edgeworth Randwick, NSW

Jenny is an outstanding mentor and nutritionist.  After a lifelong battle of  disordered eating, back to back diets and extreme dieting to achieve weight loss, I learnt through  Jenny a new and healthy approach to eating.
I am now able to eat mindfully,  and completely without guilt. My  life long habit of overeating is under control and I have replaced destructive  old habits with healthy ones.  My focus is now  not on dress size but adopting an approach to food and other aspects of my life which is psychologically healthy and  intuitive. It was clear to me from the beginning of my sessions with Jenny that she is not only an expert in this area but she is a passionate advocate for healthy and  holistic based nutrition.
At all times Jenny was supportive, collegiate and non judgemental.  She has  good practical advice.  I can eat whatever I want without guilt and I eat what I need without sacrificing those foods I like, which put all the pleasure back into eating and removed negative feelings.
Through a series of goal setting activities and education  I am now back in control of my weight and eating. Jenny has been a tremendous help and I could not have done it without her.

Maria Barnett St Leonards, NSW