Weight loss during menopause

Menopause. That midlife stage so many women struggle with, and so few others understand unless they’ve been there. 

Ever noticed how your shape changes? You’re no longer comfortable in clothes that fit a year ago, and your ‘fat clothes’ wardrobe is expanding in line with your waist. And the solution we are so often given? Eat less and move more. I know from personal experience and from what many women tell me, that it’s no longer that simple to lose weight during menopause.

There are three hormones that can work to make us store fat and crave sugary food. Cortisol (the stress hormone), insulin (the blood sugar hormone) and an imbalance of oestrogen. In midlife many women also battle with an underactive thyroid gland, which can also work to make the kilos creep on. It’s always worthwhile getting this checked by your GP.

Addressing the hormonal issues is key to losing that extra fat. My approach is a three-step program that looks at the common saboteurs of weight loss in menopause, ones that traditional weight loss programs fail to address.

First up, I won’t put you on a diet. Repeated kilojoule-restrictive dieting is physically and psychologically damaging, and usually leads not only to gaining the weight back, but often adding more. A more holistic approach looks at emotional factors (the why) as much as what and when you eat.

I’ll address your stress. Elevated levels of the stress hormone cortisol cause you to store fat around your middle. Women at midlife tend to have high cortisol levels. Not only is the change of menopause stressful for the body, we often find we are the meat in the sandwich of adolescent children and ageing parents, with a demanding job to boot. While you may not be able to reduce the stress in your life, I can show you steps to handle it better and lower the cortisol levels in your body.

You learn to kick the cravings. Why is it that you can be ‘good’ for hours but there’s that one time of the day – maybe when you get home from work or after dinner – when only the sweet stuff will hit the spot? You’ll learn how to conquer the sugar cravings, what foods will love your body back, and how you can prepare them with minimum fuss or expense.

And find ways to move your body. Movement is key to weight loss, but not always for the reasons we assume. You’ll find out what movement will work to boost your metabolism, burn kilojoules, strengthen muscle and bone, as well as soothe and calm you – which is often the missing ingredient in fighting fat accumulation.

As a qualified Wellness Coach I can help you uncover your strengths and overcome your obstacles to wellness, and guide you to develop achievable, realistic weekly and monthly goals.

Please contact me for an obligation free chat to see how my approach would suit you.

How I work

I see the best results if I see clients for a minimum of three sessions. That way we can look at current habits, what’s working, what’s not, and the first steps we can take towards making a change.  I’ll give you some ‘homework’ then follow up at a convenient time, usually about two weeks later. My services are covered by most private health funds.


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